Thursday, August 30, 2007


OK so I am going to start doing this online journal things. Why you may ask, well because I have these 3 beautiful kids who give me a run for my money every day. I figured since my family and so many dear friends live so far away this is a great way to keep you all updated on us.

So for today I will catch you all up. Michal my brainiac is now a 3rd grader in the hardest school around. He has gone from a good public school to a great private school. He skipped a grade which is almost unheard of from what I hear in this school. He is doing awesome. Jackson is in K4 there and doing well too. Mike (as he likes to be called) had trouble making friends in the begining but has done well this week. I started watching a 4th grader (in his class 3-4) named Tristen after school and they get along great so it has worked out well.

Alexis is a wonderful baby. She is sweet and easy. Her patience is incredible. She will give a squak to let you know something is wrong and as if she knows I am super busy she will just wait a few for me to get to her. She is so pretty. I am biased so I am basing that statement on what I have been told. hehehe

Sterling is busy working and chasing the kids for me because with 3 I feel like I need 3 hands. So now you should understand the title. Oops gotta go Little Miss Baby Kate (As I call he *Alexis Katherine*) has just given me another job. Toodaloo


Clint said...

Cute Kiddos!

Tamra said...

what a great photo of the three of them! is that from your family photo day?

Shirley Davis said...

What a wonderful surprise to find your new blog this morning and to catch up with your family news. This IS a busy but very precious time in your life with such a beautiful family. I'm sure you heard what a great "Trailmaster" Michal was in Durango. Hi, Mike! I wish you loads of happy days in third grade in your new school. Love you!